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Step Back In Time At The Jane Store

the jane store jane missouri

The Jane Store is part cafe, part country store, and a big part of the community of Jane, Missouri. Located one-mile east of the U.S. 71 and HWY 90 intersection a few miles north of the Arkansas/Missouri state line - visiting the Jane Store is a very easy drive from Northwest Arkansas and Joplin. Every visitor is greeted with a friendly welcome, the smell of good food cooking on the grill, and a bit of nostalgia for the bygone era of country stores.

The Jane Store

I remember this rock building being a gas station when I was a kid back in the 90s. There was just one lonely gas pump out in front of the old building. Back then it was close to the historic White Rock School building. It likely closed not long after that. Fast-forward to this last decade. A new owner purchased the old building and turned it into the Jane Store: a combination cafe and old fashioned country store.

The owner is very friendly and enjoys talking to everyone. She loves the community of Jane, especially its history. If you enjoy history, check out the historic Jane Post Office building. It makes a good photo op while visiting the village. Also, you might enjoy the community's annual celebration, Jane Days (which I believe is on a Saturday in September). 

Breakfast and Lunch Hot Off The Grill

The first thing that visitors will notice upon entering the Jane Store is the look and smell of good country food being cooked and served to eager customers sitting at tables (like in a small cafe). Therefore, I recommend that you come with a big appetite to enjoy a menu full of delicious food from their grill (and leave room for dessert).
    If I were to step out onto a limb, I would say that breakfast is the most popular meal choice for most customers at the Jane Store. Everything always looks and smells good. I have had the French toast and bacon. Although, I have always been more of a lunch man myself. If you are in the mood for a good sandwich, the Jane Store also has a deli counter with many choices of meat and cheese. I have had several of their delicious sandwiches. However, my favorite meal is their cheeseburger and fries.

    the jane store grill food


    Homemade Baked Goods

    We can't forget about dessert! My personal favorite is ice cream, especially milkshakes and hot fudge sundaes. Yum! However, the Jane Store is famous for their homemade baked goods. Seriously, I have been there during the summer and overheard customers place Thanksgiving pie orders. (I don't think pies are for sale with their regular baked goods unless you order one ahead of time). They make delicious cinnamon rolls and cookies that are quite popular with customers as well. Unfortunately, they do tend to sell out of cinnamon rolls (and sometimes cookies) early.

    One of my favorite things about their food and baked goods is the low prices. Since the Jane Store is one of the best places to eat in McDonald County, it can get crowded at certain times. However, I have never had to wait for a table - but if I did it would be worth the wait.

    Country Store

    In addition to being a delicious cafe, deli, and bakery, the Jane Store is a bit of a country store. I think a lot of their merchandise changes throughout the year. However, you can always find old fashion soda in the glass bottle, old school candy, canned jellies and jams, as well as a few handmade crafts. I enjoy buying the old fashioned root beer and candy. 

    the jane store handmade crafts

    Whether you are in Northwest Arkansas, Joplin, or someplace in between, the Jane Store is a fun little journey back to the days of the old country stores. If you arrive hungry and in the mood for nostalgia, you will leave full of good food and a good time.

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